Amazon IP Catcher Extension

The Chrome Extension that Check & Warn About
Property Rights Risks
for All Amazon Sellers

You're probably familiar with the Amazon intellectual property problem. Amazon sellers usually maintain manual lists of brands and items that can be sold against a ban. But online sales are not about manual, it's about automated processes.

Therefore, we present you Amazon IP Alert Extension. It's base on machine learning and checks 100+ million of Amazon's products every day to analyze them by brand, manufacturer, sales history and 10+ more factors, and draw a conclusion about the risks of selling them.

Get instant notification about intellectual property risks and make a foolproof decision to sell any product on Amazon.
Amazon IP Catcher Extension | TrackMyOrders

Prevent Any Private Label Violation Claims

Get notification about all possible cases for IP claims and protect your Amazon account from suspension
Find Valuable Products
On Page Extension
Get notification on Amazon's listings and your marketplace pages
Advanced Filtration
BULK Scanning
Upload products list and scan for potential IP claims risks
Automate Your Research
Listings Support
Aware your Listings from IP Claim 24/7 by connecting them our App. Coming Soon
Safety Tunes
Tune Up Own Rules
Preset own Policies & Restrictions to avoid objectionable listings
and Amazon blocks
Products Listing
Unlimited number of users within a company and free virtual assistants accounts
Why Is It Better Than Other IP Claim Database?
Not just a static list of brands but an AI engine

It dynamically and continuously analyses sales history and current ASIN's status, brand ownership, sellers, claims, and other events to give you the most reliable IP status.
ASIN Status
Sales and safety are connected to cont-reservedly. Maximizing the safety you'll get lower sales opportunities.

We separate brand's and ASIN's risk rate, because it's very important not to block the whole brand because of dangerous ASIN, but act precisely and do not over loose in sales opportunities.

ASIN Status: Requires Approval means this concrete item dangerous, but not all this brand! You still can sell other ASINs of this brand.
Brand Risk Score
The Whole brand low-risk score means almost any Amazon seller can sell mostly all products of this brand.

High brand risk score must be known to you because that's how restricted brands list evaluated brands that dangerous to be sold on Amazon and often lead to IP claim or Amazon account suspension.

TrackMyOrders extension catches all risky ASINs and shows the brand's risk score to give you a clear picture.
How It Works
3 Steps to Avoid Amazon IP Suspention
Amazon IP Catcher Extension for Chrome
1. Install & Sign In

SignUp for Amazon IP Catcher Subscripton by the link. You will receive a link to the Google Chrome Extension once completed.
IP Catcher Chrome Extension for Amazon
2. Scan Your Listings or Any Product Page & Get Warn Notifications

You can upload a file with ASINs or get the ASIN on-page risk score using our Google Chrome Extension

The extension scale Brand Risk and evaluate it:
  • Very Low (1/6),
  • Low (2/6)
  • Medium (3/6)
  • High (4/6),
  • Very High (5/6) or
  • Extremely High (6/6)
ASIN Status it is a sign that you may or may not place your offer under this ASIN. ASIN may be closed to you due to low rating, unavailability of categories for you, or because brand has prohibited unauthorized sellers to place offers.
IP Catcher Chrome Extension for Amazon
3. Scan all your products in few seconds

You can upload a file with ASINs and get ASINs risk scores in a few seconds
Validate searching results and choose dropshipping products to sell
4. Apply Recommendations

Set up what you'd like to do with potentially dangerous products:
get e-mail notification or delete the listing from Amazon Marketplace.
Choose Your Plan
We provide monthly and yearly plans. Both include unlimited use of our service

Join our 1000+ happy users family

$99.00/year (17% off)
  • Unlimited Onpage Checks
  • Bulk check with a file upload
  • 7-days Free Trial
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Our Clients Love Us
Nikolay Shatsky
Founder of Shop USA, Solid LLC
Cleaning your listings by hand becomes unsafe when you grow. Checking for Intellectual Property rights for dropshipping products on Amazon using old-style sheets and lists is not safe too because of obsolescence. That's why I choose automation of all my dropshipping processes. IP Claims Catcher Extension is very useful, it creates impenetrable protection, and together with Scout Module make my dropshipping business growing safe.
Jacob Azares
Operation Manager in Click It Yours
It's multi-users-using! It's connected to the Amazon marketplace, so any of my teammates or VA can use it without additional payment.
Sarah Mesin
Products manager in Tigers
I reduced the checking time and lose a headache about IP claims on Amazon. Now I have the latest information, my risks evaluated, and I'm sure that nothing will happen without my allowance/intervention.
Join 1000+ satisfied users of the TrackMyOrders App and use a comprehensive set of tools which are super easy to pick up and run. Powerful options, high availability, responsive framework and quick support are the reasons for our clients to fall in love.
Frequently Asked Questions
What is Amazon Intellectual Property Policy for Sellers?
Every brand has an intellectual property rights on its products. And so on, they can ask to protect those IP rights by complaining for a specific ASIN. So, to restrict to other sellers on Amazon to sell it.
Detailed article about it read in our blog.
Take an official overview of intellectual property (IP) rights and some common IP concerns that might arise when selling on Amazon on the Seller Central Site.
Do you guarantie that i'll not have IP claims after using IP Catcher Extension?
This extension gives your recommendations based on deep analytics. In your full responsibility to follow them or not to follow.
Will my credit card be charged when I sign up?
No, we don't ask for a payment to get started.

Unlimited App options can be opened by starting a free trial of the full subscription plan. To provide continuous service and avoid losing your trial period data we ask for a credit card binding. We are not collect your credit card data and do use a third party trusted services: Paddle and PayPal.

Another way to try TrackMyOrders App for free is to sign up for a limited free version. Limited version launches automatically once you sign up and skip the step of card binding. It gives the opportunity to use extension for 3 days. Upload to Amazon, download product lists and other additional features will be blocked till your card bind and your marketplace connected.

You can cancel your subscription and unbind your credit card at any time during the trial without additional payments.
Which Amazon marketplaces your service support?
TrackMyOrders supports only US Amazon marketplaces at
Do I need an Amazon seller account to use TrackMyOrders?
Yes, our app requires an active professional seller account on Amazon for successful product searches.
But you can try limited app version without Amazon account binding. So you can launch up to 15 different searches and see the first two result pages displaying top-profit products.
How to contact support team?
TrackMyOrders support team usually answer in 24h.
Contact us using the contact form below on this page, via chat-box inside the app, by e-mail sales@trackmyorders(DOT)com or book the call from us via Calendly.
Still has a questions? Don't hesitate to contact us!
Questions, comments, etc.
Note: The service provides recommendations and does not eliminate the cause of IP claims.