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IP claims on Amazon

Today Amazon sellers faced the intellectual property responsibility problem more often. No one 100% protected from receiving ip claims. Because the brand restriction is not the same thing as intellectual property rights.Once can happen that you'll catch ip claim on any of your listings even if you allowed to sell this brand.
So, let's find out what is exactly IP claims on Amazon and how to figure it out to every Amazon seller.

What is an Amazon IP claim?

Every brand has an intellectual property rights on its products. And so on, they can ask to protect those IP rights by complaining for a specific ASIN. So, to restrict to other sellers on Amazon to sell it. And Amazon will send notice to the seller. Any dropshipper, arbitrager or other who sell not the own products on Amazon has to be prepared and protected for such IP claim.

Amazon IP rights types

There are 3 different types of intellectual property rights on Amazon:
  • Copyrights are legal protections for original works of authorship
  • Trademarks are legal protections for a word, symbol, design, or combination of the same that a company uses to identify goods and services
  • Patents are legal protections for inventions

For dropshippers and online arbitrager the first two types are common. If you violate any of these intellectual property rights, Amazon may send you an IP infringement notice (IP claim).

Is it scary?

It's uncomfortable mostly. First time it can lead to the notice and ASIN suspension only.

In case of a few claims Amazon account would be suspended. Crazy thing about it is that sometimes such complaints may be taken by mistake.

How it comes

You catch the letter from Amazon. Not the request from a brand or other seller. The letter from mail like that looks like this one:
Amazon notice letter about IP claim
Amazon notice letter about IP claim
Also, you'll see the notification in your Seller Central account. And could find it on the dashboard at Performance > Account Health > Product Policy Compliance > Received Intellectual Property.

What to do with suspended IP claims

In the Product Policy Compliance section of Account Health, you'll also see a category called Suspected Intellectual Property Violations.
Amazon Account Health center shows product policy complaints
Amazon Account Health center shows product policy complaints
Starts from 2019 Amazon don't apply any negotiation on your account. They just mark ASINs that unlisted. For example, notepads with cover image of Marvel with a "Marvel" name in the title or brand.

How to respond

Once got the claim respond to it suitably and ASAP. Your account will not be suspended first times, but ASINs will be suspended for you.
Amazon Account Health center shows product policy complaints
IP claims reasons and response section of Amazon account
Other way is to ask the brand for the reasons of complaint using contacts from amazon's mail. Be patient and wait for owner's answer. If there is no answer in 1 and 2 working days send more e-mails to show later to Amazon that you are seriously thinking of the claim.

Amazon suspension appeal template

You can wright the letter like this one to Amazon:
Amazon IP claim response template
Amazon IP claim response template

Another way to solve IP rights infringement

Once you know the reason and if you figure out that ASIN is not violated by you, you can ask the owner to act through Amazon to take the claim off you. The brand can withdraw the claim or restrict the ASIN for you.

How to prevent

Yesterday you might be checking custom or downloaded somewhere list of troublesome brands. It's inconvenient, slowly, and unsuccessful. Today we are inviting you automate this process and be protected by the Amazon IP Catcher Chrome Extension.

It checks and warn about intellectual property rights risks on Amazon. Based on machine learning it analyzes 100+ mln ASINs every day by brand, manufacturer, sales, claims history, and 10+ more factors, and draw a conclusion about the risks of selling them.
Amazon IP Catcher Chrome Extension shows the IP claims risk of ASINS
Amazon IP Catcher Chrome Extension shows the IP claims risk of ASINS
Also, it shows an estimated sales.

All details about features and pricing you can find on official page of the extension in Chrome Market or at developer site

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