How to choose drop shipping companies for your drop shipping business on Amazon

Thinking of where to take dropshipping products to sell can rack your brain. Find a supplier who fit your needs and whom you can trust is the most important aspect of business for Amazon drop shipping sellers. But how to find the good one?

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Let's overview the basic points to compare drop shipping wholesalers and retail suppliers.

Looking is free

Pay nothing for the opportunity to cooperate with the supplier. If you been asked for any fee for just being able to get access to products base most likely you have a deal with a third-party seller or a scam.

However, drop shipping wholesalers can set a minimal amount of every item packs or minimum order size (or monthly/annual volume of purchases). Compare and fit offers to your plans.

Location defines delivery time

Drop shipping sellers need supplier with fast delivery
To be sure in fast delivery choose drop shipping companies with inventories across the country
Choose drop shipping companies with inventories across the country. So, the company can deliver as fast as possible (1-3 days is optimal). Faster shipping will satisfy your customers not only because of time but money saving too.

Delivery time is very important because it affects your marketplace rating. Amazon worries about exceptional customer experience first, so there are strict conditions to drop shipping sellers that calculates regularly. And one of these conditions is Late Shipment Rate which must be less than 4%. It means only 4 of 100 shipments can be confirmed by customers as unexpected.

More info about Amazon dropshipping policies find in Amazon Dropshipping Guide: What Is It And How to Start.

An online business needs technology

While you'll be looking for drop shipping wholesalers you'll mark that many of them are not familiar with hi-tech, their sites look old-fashioned and it's even not so easy to find them on the internet. Going deeper you can even face with e-mail or on-call purchasing. It's suck!

Amazon drop shipping is very competitive so to be a successful seller choose a supplier with features like online real-time inventory and pricing, online orders tracking, maybe even Amazon integration.

Retail suppliers usually have such features. They are customers friendly and provide convenient websites, personal accounts, and dashboards.
Don't look for a hard way
Big drop shipping companies can lead big problem
Don't be chasing for a quantity of drop shipping wholesalers
There are drop shipping companies also known as wholesale supplier directories like Worldwide Brands, SaleHoo or WholesaleCentral. They provide access to hundreds of suppliers with around a million range of products. Usually, such directories ask for a monthly fee or a one-time lifetime fee.

It can be a good way for independent dropshipping shops with own websites. Especially if you are making a large purchase and get a discount. But while making low orders you may not get a discount big enough to be profitable on Amazon. Because Amazon drop shipping sellers have to have very competitive by price offer.

The easiest way is to buy products like for yourself at retail shops like Walmart, Target, or HomeDepot online. Then fill delivery info as for your customer, control the delivery and get profit finally.

To automate such processes for Amazon drop shipping sellers we created TrackMyOrders system. To know more about supported retail and wholesale suppliers, searching for products, publishing listing, tracking, repricing, and more other features visit Amazon Products Scout Module Page.