Oh, My Garden!

Quick Search For 2691 Profitable Dropshipping Garden Products At Walmart

Weekly Best: Issue #6
Spring is in the air and the gardening season has begun. Did you know, that one-third of all American households are growing food? Right now, most of the gardeners took their tools and start to dig. Wait, what did they take?

To take a part of gardening sales let's find thematic dropshipping products. Walmart's Patio & Garden category fits those needs very well. More than 1.5 mln products this category in the TrackMyOrders database counts.

As usual, we launched searching Scout Job with default settings. Which means:
  • Price is up to $500
  • Out of stock, freight, pickedup, regulated by volume of the order, and non matched by image items are excluded
  • Estimated sales a month is 1 or more.

A few clicks in TrackMyOrders Scout Module are enough to start such Scout Job. The system will show you the estimated time the searching process will take.

Few clicks to launch searching for dropshipping products process in TrackMyOrders Scout Module

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In a few hours we had got 2691 filtered profitable products for dropshipping from Walmart to Amazon. Our engine made a big work to extract about 0.2% from supplier's items which are ready to be dropshipped to Amazon with guaranteed profit. Information about excluded products available at Scout Job statistic. It can help you to tune another one Scout Job to find a wider or smaller product range.
filtered products for dropshipping from Walmart
Scout Job statistic shows the amount and reason of excluded products
To choose an excellent one product for this issue we sorted out found products by an estimated number of sales and BSR (5+ sales a day, BSR from 0 to 6). After that, we got 55 super popular products which can be sold few times a day. And one of the best garden product for dropshipping on Amazon is:
super popular products
38% and $24.58 profit garden rake to dropship from Walmart to Amazon
All information about profit, competitors, sales rank, estimated sales, and Amazon's BSR available direct in TrackMyOrders interface. For this one item:
  • the profit is 38% ($24.58),
  • estimated sales are more that 8 a day. All expenses and Amazon taxes are already calculated,
  • 6,099 Sales Rank. Total number of products in category: 13,667,827.
Thus, you can earn $15k in sales for a month with a 38% profit!

Of course, you can check and compare items by the links to Walmart and Amazon sites.
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Walmart products to dropship
*Walmart is the biggest retail supplier in TrackMyOrders database. 40+ million of products in 38 categories updated every week. Such a huge choice of products and categories open wide horizons for dropshipping sellers on Amazon. That's why Walmart is the most popular supplier among TrackMyOrders users.
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