Request Review with AI Engine

The service to request review from your customers
at the RIGHT time
to get maximum feedback for your product
We use "Amazon Request review" function + AI engine and that generates up to 5x more reviews
Every seller is trying to get maximum reviews from the buyers but just 0.1% of buyers will left a review without a notice, a huge part of them may post a negative review.

Sending a ton of emails as most of the sellers do gives 1-2% rate.

We use instead "Amazon Request review" function + AI engine and that generates up to 5x more reviews and gets reviews from 5-10% of your buyers.
Why Is It Better Than Other Review Request method?
Not just a method but an AI engine

Leave a review for the buyer is a very fragile process. You sent an email to the wrong time, buyer opt-out from any buyer-seller communication, he is busy, he is tired…. But because of AI our product knows what the best time is for doing that!
How It Works
3 Steps to generate more reviews
1. Register & SignIn to our app
2. Connect your Amazon Account
Please grant our service account access to the orders section of your account by following a detailed guide inside the app
3. Let the Magic work
Our app will test the best timeframes for your product and will choose the one which generates the greatest number of reviews for your products.
We don't request review, if buyer requested a refund to avoid negative reviews.

You will receive an email every time your product has a rating change with 1-5 stars distribution.
Choose Your Plan
We provide monthly and yearly plans

Join our 1000+ happy users family
$24,99/month or $249/year
  • Money-back guarantee
  • if you cancel your subscription within first 30 days
Our Clients Love Us
Nikolay Shatsky
Founder of Shop USA, Solid LLC
Collecting the reviews for your listings is a very hard process. We tried a lot of method before AI Request Review. It's constantly generating a significant # of reviews and product ratings
Jacob Azares
Operation Manager in Click It Yours
It's multi-users-using! It's connected to the Amazon marketplace, so any of my teammates or VA can use it without additional payment.
Sarah Mesin
Products manager in Tigers
Its working as a well-oiled machine we can trust. Our product rating is continuously growing, so we can focus on sales
Join 1000+ satisfied users of the TrackMyOrders App and use a comprehensive set of tools which are super easy to pick up and run. Powerful options, high availability, responsive framework and quick support are the reasons for our clients to fall in love.
Frequently Asked Questions
Do you use legal methods to get the Reviews?
Yes, we use only the methods allowed by and we don't use any black-method to generate reviews or get the buyer contact info
How soon I will start receving reviews
Usually it takes 1 or 2 weeks to get the effect of AI optimized Request Review process
Will my credit card be charged when I sign up?
Yes, we don't have a trial mode for our subscription, however if you will decide to cancel your subscription within first 30 days we will issue the FULL refund automatically
Which Amazon marketplaces your service support?
TrackMyOrders supports only US Amazon marketplaces at
Do I need an Amazon seller account to use TrackMyOrders?
Yes, our app requires an active professional seller account on Amazon for successful product searches.
But you can try limited app version without Amazon account binding. So you can launch up to 15 different searches and see the first two result pages displaying top-profit products.
How to contact support team?
TrackMyOrders support team usually answer in 24h.
Contact us using the contact form below on this page, via chat-box inside the app, by e-mail sales@trackmyorders(DOT)com or book the call from us via Calendly.
Still has a questions? Don't hesitate to contact us!
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