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Amazon Products Scout

The automation service
for searching, validating, uploading and managing profitable products
for Amazon Dropshipping Sellers
We are sure that every job has advantages and disadvantages.

Amazon dropshipping and arbitrage are very influenced by suppliers and competitors. And each of them constantly changing. Manual searching, comparing and calculating can't take you to the leading position, brakes your grow and only adding a weakness to the time you spend on business.

Amazon dropshipping products Scout Module App by TrackMyOrders is here to help you with all routine job.

Amazon dropship app for searching Walmart and other retail supplier profitable products. Products Scout Module by TrackMyOrders
Automate & Take Full Control of Amazon Account
Amazon dropshipping products Scout App helps you search profitable and popular products over 30+ suppliers by any criteria you set, automatically upload them to your Seller Central account, and manage your listings
Find Valuable Products
Instant Products Search
Find profitable and popular Amazon dropshipping products at Walmart, Overstock, Home Depot, and 20+ other trusted retail and wholesale suppliers in a manner of minutes
Advanced Filtration
Advanced Sorting & Filtration
Filter search results by profit, popularity, estimated sales, competitiveness, and many more other parameters
Safety Tunes
Safety, Stock & Re-price Settings
Preset own Policies & Restrictions
to avoid objectionable listings
and Amazon blocks
Automate Your Research
Automate Your
Work Flow
Set up your validation processes. You can define how, on which step and by whom your products will be approved or decline
Products Listing
Unlimited Products Searching and Listing
Launch as many searching Scout Jobs as you want and upload unlimited listings to your marketplace
Amazon Logo
Full Amazon Integration
Authorized by Amazon dropship app which let you upload listings you wish to Seller Central account with one button click

Synchronize And Control Your Storefront
The new Amazon Listing feature for tracking and managing listed products by sales, stock status, price, profit changes, restrictions and other parameters
Find Valuable Products
Control the prices with an in-build repricer tool based on Amazon's or (AppEagle)
Automate Your Research
Track The Stocks
Preset and automate the rules for supplier's stock level changes. Out of stock is not the reason for losses anymore
Automate Your Research
Restriction Alarm
The system will automatically check and notify you about possible Amazon or brand restrictions
Watch Over Changes
Get regular automated listings updates and be notified about any product changes or warning errors

Prevent Any Private Label Violation Claims

Get notification about all possible cases for IP claims and protect your Amazon account from suspension
Find Valuable Products
On Page Extension
Get notification on Amazon's listings and your marketplace pages
Advanced Filtration
BULK Scanning
Upload products list and scan for potential IP claims risks
Automate Your Research
Listings Support
Aware your Listings from IP Claim 24/7 by connecting them to TrackMyOrders App
Safety Tunes
Tune Up Own Rules
Preset own Policies & Restrictions to avoid objectionable listings
and Amazon blocks
Products Listing
Unlimited number of users within a company and free virtual assistants accounts
How It Works
6 Steps to Dropship with Profit
best retail suppliers for Amazon dropshipping
1. Select Your Supplier

Start your research with select one of 30+ suppliers we provide.

To increase searching speed all products data is already been collected and no more than 7 days old.

We collect and keep info about items price, title, brand, freight, weight and a lot of more.

Catalog of suppliers also updated continuously.
Search dropshipping products by your criteria
2. Define Research Criteria

Define your Scout Job settings with:
  • Supplier categories
  • Price ranges
  • Profit ranges
  • Potential Sales volume
  • and a lot of more.
Tune our amazon dropship app to get your own results.
Validate searching results and choose dropshipping products to sell
3. Validate Results

Review Scout Job results in a convenient view using filters.
This is a stage where you have to compare and check the items and make your selling decision.
Approve or decline item after reviewing.

We auto-exclude non-matched images, non-profitable, low sales volume, freight products according to your settings.
Automate your products searching and validating process using TrackMyOrders Scout Flow Module
4. Automate Checking Flows (optional)

If you have a validators team, define a workflow for them and let the item be processed by validators queues.
Create as many step-checking flow as you wish.
Auto uploud products to Amazon
5. Auto-upload

Upload validated results with one click to your Amazon Seller Account.
Amazon listing managing
6. Manage Listings

Track and manage listed products by sales, stock status, price, and profit changes, and other parameters.

Full synchronization and control of your storefront, found items and searching engine.

Repricer based on Amazon's or (AppEagle) included.
Amazon IP Catcher Extension for Chrome
7. Install IP Checker Chrome Extension

Find Amazon IP Catcher Extension in your Chrome browser.
Install it and login using your TrackMyOrders account.
IP Catcher Chrome Extension for Amazon
8. Scan Your Listings or Any Product Page & Get Warn Notifications

The extension scale Brand Risk and evaluate it:
  • Very Low (1/6),
  • Low (2/6)
  • Medium (3/6)
  • High (4/6),
  • Very High (5/6) or
  • Extremely High (6/6)
ASIN Status it is a sign that you may or may not place your offer under this ASIN. ASIN may be closed to you due to low rating, unavailability of categories for you, or because brand has prohibited unauthorized sellers to place offers.
Supported Suppliers
Our team is constantly working on adding new suppliers and new opportunities for our users
Dropshipping on Amazon from Walmart
Dropshipping on Amazon from Walgreens
Dropshipping on Amazon from World Market
Dropshipping on Amazon from Target
Dropshipping on Amazon from Sears
Dropshipping on Amazon from Sam's Club
Dropshipping on Amazon from Pier1 imports
Dropshipping on Amazon from Petsmart
Dropshipping on Amazon from Petco
Dropshipping on Amazon from Overstock
Dropshipping on Amazon from OfficeDepot
Dropshipping on Amazon from Menards
Dropshipping on Amazon from Macy's
Dropshipping on Amazon from LTD Commodities
Dropshipping on Amazon from Kohl's
Dropshipping on Amazon from Kmart
Dropshipping on Amazon from HomeDepot
Dropshipping on Amazon from Hayneedle
Dropshipping on Amazon from Harmon Discount
Dropshipping on Amazon from JCPenney
Dropshipping on Amazon from Dick's
Dropshipping on Amazon from Costco
Dropshipping on Amazon from Buy Buy Baby
Dropshipping on Amazon from Boscov's
Dropshipping on Amazon from BJ's
Dropshipping on Amazon from Best Buy
Dropshipping on Amazon from Bed Bath & Beyond
Choose Your Monthly Plan
Depends on the size of your business:
startups and small-sized, medium-to-large sized or large corporates
Starter Plan

Business Plan
Ultimate Plan
Up to 3
Up to 5
Amazon Accounts
Up to 3
Instant Cache Search
Up to 3 mln items/day
Up to 12 mln items/day
Teammates & Teams
Single user
Up to 5 teammates
Workflow Module (details)
Listing Module (details)
Up to 5k managable listings
Up to 100k manageable listings
IP Catcher Chrome Extension (details)
Free Trial
14-day Free Trial
14-day Free Trial
Monthly price
IP Catcher Extension (separately)
Products Scout Module by TrackMyOrders is the professional Amazon drop ship automation tool. Since coming up in 2013 our team provides complex, 24/7 services to private-clients and our self, now we are public and ready to share our expertise, tools, and data as a cloud service.
Our Clients Love Us
  • Nikolay Shatsky
    Founder of Shop USA, Solid LLC
    The growth of daily sales at Amazon prompted me to expand the range and, at the same time, forced to expand the team of employees to validate the items. I think you are familiar with how difficult it is to train a new employee, to control him, and the result is not guaranteed at the same time. So, I started to look for automation systems and Amazon drop shipping tools. Among others, Scout App by TrackMyOrders stands out for speed, accuracy and a flexible workflow setup system, which allowed me to keep 2, not 5, employees in the product search department.
  • Jacob Azares
    Operation Manager in Click It Yours
    The main thing that I like in Scout App is the built-in control system of time and efficiency. Now I can clearly see how my team and every employee working.
  • Sarah Mesin
    Products manager in Tigers
    My time is my main resource.
    Previously I spend a lot of time on search of products to sell, read reviews and seasonal ratings, used different free Amazon drop shipping tools and extends - collected the crumbs. But the problem is that there are so many sources, they are too generalized and easily accessible to everyone.
    The search for profitable items with TrackMyOrders Scout App is fully automatized and personalized by my own criteria. Dozens of hours of an every-week search are now belonged to me, my family and my hobby.
Join 100+ satisfied users of TrackMyOrders Multimodule App and use a comprehensive set of tools which are super easy to pick up and run. Powerful options, high availability, responsive framework and quick support are the reasons for our clients to fall in love.
Frequently Asked Questions
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